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Read real stories about

Traditional Therapy

and it's harmful consequences.

If you want to share your own experiance with traditional therapy and you'd like to aware people about any, we'll be waiting for your E-mail.


Jaundice and brain damage

Many of mentally ill or deaf people aren't  born with those disabilities, but it could be caused by their parents.

-using a yellow bead that parent believes it can treat their child.

-dressing the child in yellow.

-giving the infant a glucose solution.

-swapping garlic over the baby.

-exposure to classic neon instead of medical phototherapy.

Such myths of traditional therapy allows the Billurobin to cross the blood-brain barrier, causes mental disability and hearing loss. 


Therapy by cutting children heads, literally!!

A mixture of Lead, Mercury, Arsenic and animal remains, are used to cover open wounds in children heads, nose and palate.

As a result, all those toxins enter the bloodstream directly, causing renal failure and Respiratory distress.

such traditional treatments are spread in many Middle East countries to treat common infant illnesses like cold, diarrhea and many others.


The Ghost 

The ghost of traditional therapy keeps hunting more helpless children by cauterize or passing threads through their bodies.

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