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DR. Derar hasan bala'wi


He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Clinical Pharmacy from the University of Jordan, a Master’s degree in Healthcare Marketing Management from the University of Huddersfield (UK), two Postgraduate Diplomas in Infection Prevention & Control (the American Institute of Healthcare and Hospital Management - AIHC, and IMETS Academy); PhD in Clinical Pharmacotherapy from the Faculty of Medical & Human Sciences at the University of Manchester (UK), and the American Board in Infection Control & Prevention (CIC) and American Board in Long-Term Care Infection Prevention (LTC-CIP). He completed his clinical fellowship in Infectious Diseases at Royal Salford Hospital (UK) in 2010-2011, and advanced courses in the same specialty from Stanford University (USA) in 2014.


He worked as a medical advisor with international pharmaceutical companies, an academic advisor to several universities and educational consultancy companies, a clinical lecturer at several British universities, and currently as a professor and clinical practitioner at the University of Petra and its teaching hospitals. He has a long experience in crises management during the epidemics of SARS, H1N1 and H5N1, in cooperation with the ministries of health and various health institutions in the Arab world and abroad.

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- Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs - the University of Petra.
- Associate Clinical Professor - the University of Petra.
- Consultant Pharmacotherapist (Infectious Diseases).
- Member of the National Committee for COVID-19 Vaccines - Jordanian Ministry of Health
- Member of the National Antimicrobial Committee - Jordanian Ministry of Health
- Member of the National Causality Committee for COVID-19 Cases - Jordanian Ministry of Health

Since the beginning of the new COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Bal’awi has given several lectures to doctors, pharmacists and citizens in different countries about the pandemic, and updated therapeutic protocols for the disease. Dr. Bal’awi has appeared in more than 1000 interviews and documentaries on local, regional and international satellite channels so far, and his efforts culminated in winning the “Model Father 2020” Award from the United Nations (UNARTS), and the “Peace Knight” Award from the Knights of Peace Foundation for the efforts made to combat COVID-19 and raise awareness of the society. He has recently won the finalist place in the British Council’s Study UK Alumni Award (Jordan) three times in a row (2021/2022; 2022/2023; 2023/2024). He was selected as a “Global Finalist” in the British Council’s Study UK Alumni Award in 2023. He won the “Distinguished Researcher Award” from the University of Petra in 2022/2023. He was the only academic who won three awards at the University of Petra’s Conference for Creativity, Invention and Scientific Research, held on 24 May 2022. He also won the “Outstanding Alumni Award” from the University of Manchester in 2023. He recently received the “Distinguished Scientist Award” from the Ministry of Youth, Culture & Communication and ICESCO in Morocco in 2023.Dr. Bal’awi, Vice President of IGEC Educational Consultancy Company, and Chief Medical Officer of 7Drs; Reviewer in various medical and pharmaceutical journals, such as:(BMJ, Drug Safety, IJCP, IJPP, JPPJournal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice, Journal of Pharmaceutical Health Services Research, Hospital Pharmacy, Journal of Primary Care and Community Health).In October 2022, Derar was ranked among the top 2% researchers in Stanford AD Scientific Index 2022 in the last 5 years, based on H index, i10 and citations, among the clinical pharmacotherapy andpsychiatry research domains. Dr. Bal’awi has more than 50 research papers in international refereed journals and more than 100 medical articles; his research interest lies in the field of patient safety, medication errors, pharmacovigilance and infectious diseases.

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