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PH. lina m. yahya

Absolutely, here's the paragraph with the addition of her passion and dream:

PH. Lina M. Yahya, born in 1992 in Iraq and currently residing in Jordan, is an accomplished pharmacist and healthcare entrepreneur. With a Bachelor's Degree in Pharmacy from Applied Science University in Jordan, Lina has amassed over six years of experience, showcasing expertise in medication safety, project management, and business development. At the forefront of her professional journey is Lina's role as the Founder and CEO of "Awareness of Medication Errors," a non-profit organization established in 2019. Through this initiative, Lina passionately advocates for safe medication practices, pioneering innovative solutions, and earning recognition, including a prestigious speaking opportunity at TEDx Baghdad in 2021. Lina's commitment to advancing healthcare extends to her recognition by the World Health Organization (WHO), holding a license in operational planning. This acknowledgment underscores her dedication to staying at the forefront of global health initiatives. In addition to her notable achievements, Lina holds a diploma in Project Management and NGOs Management from the German Jordanian University, further enhancing her skills and knowledge in organizational leadership and social impact endeavors. She actively contributes to the professional development of pharmacists and pharmacy students by providing numerous training sessions at various universities, imparting her expertise and fostering the growth of future healthcare professionals. Beyond her impactful contributions in the pharmaceutical realm, Lina actively engages in the NGO sector, driven by a resolute commitment to making a positive impact. Her multifaceted career spans voluntary initiatives, awareness programs on prominent platforms, and participation in significant events such as the UNRWA Health Department's Prequalification of Vendors and Drug Registration in 2015. Lina's ultimate passion and dream lie in creating a world where medication errors are eradicated, ensuring that every individual has access to their right to medication safety. With a visionary approach to healthcare challenges, a commitment to community well-being, and an entrepreneurial spirit evident in her leadership at "Awareness of Medication Errors," Lina M. Yahya continues to leave an indelible mark on the healthcare landscape.

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