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Dr. sana'a al shakhshir

I am a dedicated graduate of Mansoura University, Egypt, with a professional journey that traverses the critical landscape of healthcare, education, and advocacy, with a distinct focus on enhancing medication safety. Rooted in the healthcare sector, I made substantial contributions to the University of Jordan Hospital and the Ministry of Health, specializing in the oversight and inspection of medical and healthcare institutions. My early career also featured hands-on experience in a community pharmacy, fostering a keen understanding of the importance of medication safety at the grassroots level.

Venturing into education, I assumed the role of Teaching Assistant at Al-Zaytoonah University and the Private University of Applied Sciences. This academic pursuit laid the foundation for my subsequent roles as a consultant and expert with the Jordan Food and Drug Administration (JFDA), where I further championed the cause of medication safety.

My commitment to making a positive impact extends beyond professional endeavors into volunteer roles. Currently, I actively contribute as an administrative member of the Health Coalition for Patient Protection, aligning with my dedication to advancing medication safety in healthcare settings. Additionally, my engagement history includes participation in the University Anti-Smoking and Anti-Tobacco Coalition, highlighting my holistic approach to healthcare advocacy.Within the healthcare community, I hold the prestigious position of Chair of the Scientific Committee at the Pharmacists' Syndicate, building on my background in medication safety and clinical expertise. Past service as a council member underscores my enduring commitment to promoting safe and effective medication practices.


I extend my impact to organizations such as the Palliative Care Association, the Jordanian Quality Association, and the Aybala Charitable Association, where I actively contribute to the Health and Public Relations Committee.In essence, my biography serves as a testament to my unwavering dedication to healthcare, education, and community service, with a particular emphasis on the continual improvement of medication safety practices throughout my evolving journey.

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