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Welcome to our Projects section, where we showcase our endeavors dedicated to advancing medication safety and healthcare accessibility. Rooted in our passion for creating a world free of medication errors, our initiatives are driven by a deep commitment to ensuring every individual's right to medication safety. Explore below to learn more about our impactful projects and the meaningful contributions we've made to our communities

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Pharmacist Lina Yahya opened her TEDx speech with a chilling anecdote: an 11-day-old girl afflicted by bacteria resistant to 57 types of antibiotics. Her focus was on the information epidemic's role in medication errors and its dire impact on patients of all ages. She underscored that worldwide, misuse of antibiotics claims 700,000 lives annually. Additionally, she highlighted the dangers of prolonged topical cortisone use, including obesity, osteoporosis, and diabetes—especially alarming in young patients. Lina cautioned against assuming the safety of herbal remedies, noting their potential harm to healthy individuals devoid of any ailments.

The Medication Errors Awareness Foundation (AME) conducted a specialized training session at the Hilton Hotel for healthcare providers from the Azraq Camp Health Center - UNHCR. The training centered on enhancing medication safety, strategies for preventing medication errors, and effective avoidance methods. Attended by the center’s physicians, pharmacists, and nurses, the session was graced by esteemed guests Dr. Dirar Al-Balawi, Dr. Sanaa Shakhshir, and Dr. Hossam Al-Salamat. The Foundation successfully concluded this insightful session on Saturday, 12th of September, 2023.


The AME Foundation provided training to pharmacy students in the advanced stages of their studies at Applied University, raising awareness about errors prevalent in the pharmaceutical market. The main objective of the training was to emphasize the importance of learning from and preventing the errors observed in the local market.

In collaboration with the Jordanian Pharmacists Syndicate and the Acdima Center for Bioequivalence and Pharmaceutical Studies (Acdima), and sponsored by the United Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Company, a symposium was convened to introduce pharmacovigilance to pharmacists and pharmaceutical companies. AME played a significant role in this symposium by delivering a workshop and conducting awareness-raising activities. (Date: 2019)

The Medication Errors Awareness team, in collaboration with Public Security, organized an awareness campaign in the heart of the country. The campaign aimed to educate the public about medication-related rumors circulating on social media platforms and emphasized the importance of seeking information exclusively from healthcare professionals like doctors and pharmacists. Jordanian companies generously contributed by providing gifts distributed during the campaign. Additionally, Public Security Radio provided media coverage, highlighting the most significant pharmaceutical rumors circulating on social media platforms.

The Medication Errors Awareness Foundation team organized a social initiative at a nursing home. The initiative involved familiarizing with the care provided to the elderly residents and organizing their medications to minimize drug interactions, thus improving their health quality. The team distributed gifts to the elderly and engaged in conversations with them, leaving a positive impact on their spirits.

The Ministry of Youth and the Jabal Amman Youth Center collaborated with the Medication Errors Awareness Association to provide a training course aimed at empowering youth to highlight their role in society and equip them to embark on a journey to raise awareness about medication errors in the Jordanian community.

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In collaboration with Jerash University's College of Pharmacy and with the involvement of the AME Foundation, the Scientific Committee of the Jordan Pharmacists Syndicate organized a symposium titled "The Role of Pharmaceutical Care in Reducing Medication Errors." This event took place in March 2020 at the seminar hall of the Faculty of Pharmacy at Jerash University in Jerash, Jordan.

Dedicating my time and expertise to volunteer at field hospitals amidst the challenging landscape of the Corona pandemic has been an immensely fulfilling endeavor. In these critical settings, I've not only offered my medical services but also provided comprehensive therapeutic consultations to patients grappling with the complexities of Covid-19. By actively engaging in the frontline response efforts, I've had the privilege of directly impacting patient care and contributing to the broader community's health and well-being. This hands-on experience has not only deepened my understanding of the multifaceted nature of the pandemic but has also reinforced the significance of compassionate care and the vital role it plays in navigating through these unprecedented times.

Participating in the General Practitioner Conference was an opportunity to delve into the critical intersection of patient safety and the reduction of medication errors within the context of Covid-19 management. During my lecture, I provided in-depth insights into the intricacies of treating Covid-19 patients, emphasizing the importance of implementing robust safety measures to minimize medication errors and ensure optimal patient outcomes.

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