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and it's harmful consequences.

If you want to share your own experience with Medication Misuse and you'd like to aware people about any, we'll be waiting for your E-mail.

Medication Misuse

Using the wrong topical ointment
for the wrong duration 
can destroy child life  

Those few months old little infants are suffering from hypertension, diabetes, osteoporosis, obesity and immune suppression.

simply they have "Cushing's Syndrome" that caused when their parents decided to use steroids ointments for the wrong (indication and duration).

steroids ointments should be used should be used under health care provider concerns. 


700,000 people who die 
due to one type of medication misuse

Our Irresponsible use of antibiotics kills 700,000 people worldwide annually,

and the WHO predicts that this number will rise to 10,000,000 people in 2050.

stop killing ourselvs and others, stop using antibiotics without prescription.

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