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Welcome to AME, a pioneering non-profit organization established in the Kingdom of Jordan in 2019. With a national registration number of 200171036, we are dedicated to tackling the pressing issue of drug errors and misconceptions related to medicines in the Middle East.

At AME, our mission is clear: to promote safe and effective medication use for all. We strive to educate individuals and communities about the risks associated with medication errors and traditional therapies, providing resources and support for those affected by these issues. Our goal is to revolutionize how medicines are used in Jordan and the Middle East by setting medicine for a cure only.

One of our main focuses is to educate individuals and communities about the risks associated with taking prescription drugs in ways other than prescribed. Through our initiatives, we work tirelessly to prevent drug errors and misconceptions related to medicines in the Middle East.

We are proud of our mission to promote safe and effective medication use for all. By addressing drug errors and medication misconceptions, we believe we can guide the ship of medicine towards its true purpose of safety and good health. We invite you to join us on this journey and make a difference in the fight against drug errors and misconceptions related to medicines.

At AME, collaboration is key to achieving our mission. We eagerly seek partnerships with institutions and individuals who share our goal of saving lives. Together, we can make a significant impact and revolutionize the way medicines are used in our region.

our achievements

Our impactful journey in medication safety extends to various realms, and we, as the Medication Errors Awareness Foundation (AME) team, have consistently been recognized by many governmental and non-governmental bodies, such as the Ministry of Health, USAID, JFDA, Jordan Pharmacists Association, Jordan Medical Association and others, for our dedication to fostering a culture of excellence in healthcare awareness and optimal pharmacy practice.


Lina Yahya, an integral member of our team, delivered a compelling TEDx talk addressing the issue of information overload in medication errors. Honored for her outstanding contributions, she emphasized the risks associated with misinformation in healthcare, drawing attention to the need for vigilance in antibiotic use and its profound impact on patients across all age groups.

A member of AME team, Prof. Dr. Derar Bal’awi, a distinguished speaker and researcher in patient safety and medication errors, an Associate Clinical Professor & Infectious Diseases Pharmacotherapist in the University of Petra, is involved in raising society’s healthcare awareness, and have been recognised as the COVID-19 pandemic and antimicrobial stewardship CHAMPION nationally and regionally, who volunteered passionately to fight COVID-19 and other infectious diseases in the last 4 years. His work has achieved profound impact on raising awareness on effective prevention practices against infectious diseases and combating medication errors and vaccines hesitancy, providing free consultations that helped healthcare professionals develop knowledge and skills around diagnosis and treatment of diseases, saving lives by treating thousands of adults and elderly patients, including Syrian refugees, at homes and in hospitals for free, helping decision-makers select and secure millions of doses of COVID-19 vaccines for Jordan, and investigating the safety and effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines by conducting large scale clinical studies.

He has published more than 40 scientific papers and 100 articles, conducted more than 50 free workshops with many governmental and private bodies and more than 1000 interviews on TV and radio channels locally and internationally, and spoken in 30 conferences. As a consequence, we are proud to witness around 4.6 million people, accounting for 71% of the targeted segment in Jordan, have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19, and more than 1.7 million hospitalised patients satisfactorily treated. Derar won many awards from the UN, ministries, universities, associations; the recent was the “Outstanding Alumni Award” from the University of Manchester in November 2023.One of our notable initiatives, in collaboration with the General Security, involved organizing an impactful awareness campaign in downtown. This initiative, acknowledged by the Jordan Pharmacists Association, highlighted the dangers of rumors in pharmacy practice circulating on social media platforms and underscored the importance of seeking information exclusively from healthcare professionals.Our educational initiatives further include a training session conducted for the AMR organization at the Hilton Hotel, provided under the project of UNHCR in Al Azraq camp. The session, attended by 30 healthcare professionals, focused on preventing and mitigating medication errors. The foundation's excellence was further acknowledged with honors received on December 9, 2023.Collaborating with the Jordan Pharmacists Association, ACDIMA Center for Biosimilars and Pharmaceutical Studies, and the United Pharmaceuticals Company, AME organized a seminar on pharmacovigilance for pharmacists and pharmaceutical companies. The seminar, held in 2019, featured workshops and activities contributing to our ongoing efforts in promoting safe pharmacy practice.Additionally, AME Foundation conducted a comprehensive training session for pharmacy students in their final university stages, emphasizing awareness of medication errors in the pharmaceutical market. This training aimed to prevent the repetition of errors in the local market and showcased our commitment to nurturing future healthcare professionals.In collaboration with the University of Jerash/College of Pharmacy, and with AME's participation, the Scientific Committee of the Jordan Pharmacists Association organized a seminar in March 2020 titled "Role of Pharmaceutical Care in Reducing Medication Errors." This event underscored the crucial role of pharmaceutical care in minimizing medication errors and further reinforced our dedication to advancing pharmaceutical practices.Our collective efforts, recognized and honored by the Jordan Pharmacists Association, exemplify our enduring commitment to medication safety. Through diverse initiatives, educational endeavors, and impactful advocacy, we continue to be at the forefront of promoting excellence in pharmaceutical practices and ensuring the well-being of patients. In total, our awareness initiatives have reached more than 200,000 people, highlighting the expansive impact of our commitment to medication safety.

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