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Our Annual MediSafe Summit is a pioneering event dedicated to promoting medication safety and preventing medication errors. Held for the first time in the Middle East, this summit brings together healthcare professionals, policymakers, and international organizations to address critical issues in medication management.

The summit features as plenary sessions where healthcare heroes share their life-saving stories of preventing medication errors, panel discussions with decision-makers on enhancing patient safety, and workshops focused on best practices in medication management.

Join us in our mission to make medication a means of healing, ensuring the safety and well-being of patients across the region.


Workshops will focus on practical, hands-on learning experiences for healthcare professionals, caregivers, and patients. These interactive sessions will aim to enhance knowledge and skills in medication safety, providing participants with actionable insights and best practices to implement in their daily routines.

Our campaigns were founded to raise awareness and educate the community, healthcare providers, hospitals, pharmacies, and other related affiliations about the importance of medication safety. One of our initiative campaigns is The National Medication Safety Week, which is taking place in November each year.

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